Well, it was Mardi Gras, and it was in Louisiana, so yes this story makes perfect sense.

To be fair, we could dedicate every article on this website to wild Mardi Gras shenanigans in our state. This is what we do, and our Mardi Gras parties know no bounds.

This now-viral video comes to us from the small Louisiana town of Mamou, and shows one wild party where the good time is certainly rolling.

This party looked like the place to be, and one man in particular was having a hopping good time. My man was having the time of this life, dancing, with a prosthetic leg raised high in the air.

Now, considering how short the video is, not much is known about this man or his, uh, leg. Was it his? Did a friend let him borrow his leg? Did he catch the leg while attending the Krewe of Highland parade? The are answers we simply don't have answers for...

We do, however, have this awesome video to share with you.