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It's been a long time coming, but I'm proud of Louisiana.  Because we begrudgingly followed some instructions and finally started washing our filthy hands on a regular basis - we seem to be emerging from the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic (knock on wood).  The only thing that could plunge us back into the isolation ages again is a sharp uptick in new cases.  That scenario could come true in a number of ways, but the only likely one is among the unvaccinated.

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The unvaccinated population in Louisiana is not made up of evil, stupid, or even ignorant people.  For a variety of reasons, a little over 38% of Bayou State residents haven't received the vaccine.  Whether it's for health, religious, political, or reasons that may or may not include "it turns you into a lizard person" is beside the point.  I believe that the best way to stop this thing from getting out of control (again) is for as many people as possible to either get it and survive, or get the vaccine - but above that, I believe that you have the choice to do what you think is best with your body.

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If even a small percentage of folks who haven't gotten the shot because they haven't been able to, weren't medically cleared for it until now, just returned from space, etc. - the great state of Louisiana thinks it's worthwhile to reach out and help them get the jab.  The Louisiana Teen Vax Campaign’s Youth Ambassador Program is on a mission to do just that, and they need your teenager to do it.  They've launched a campaign to recruit Louisiana middle and high-school students aged 12 to 17-years old to help spread the word, and the vaccine, to their peers.

Even if a teen isn't vaccinated, the open invitation to join the Louisiana Teen Vax Campaign’s Youth Ambassador Program still stands.  Those that do join will be tasked with educate other students and their parents about the myths and the hard truths when it comes to COVID-19 and the vaccines developed to fight it.  According to KATC, the members of this unit will:

  • Meet monthly with public health professionals
  • Develop their own vaccine-related social media content
  • Learn about benefits of getting the shot
  • Conduct trainings and events to educate and rally other youth in their community
  • Serve as statewide ambassadors for COVID-19 vaccinations

If you or your child are interested in joining the Louisiana Teen Vax Campaign’s Youth Ambassador Program, you can find out more and sign up here.

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