Startup Prize just launched in Shreveport and has already crushed their prediction of 35 startup businesses. Now, they've landed two major names to speak at their Qualifying Event on June 21.

Louisiana Startup Prize had hoped to find 35 startup businesses in Northwest Louisiana when it kicked off earlier this year. Well, "The Most Amazing Entrepreneurial Competition on the Planet" just signed up its 60th business.

"We are blown away by the response of the Startup Prize," said Gregory Kallenberg, executive director of the Startup Prize. "The excitement that's being created shows that there is incredible potential for northwest Louisiana becoming a hotbed for entrepreneurial ideas and innovative startups."

Kallenberg is also the brains behind Louisiana Film Prize.

The buzz in Shreveport-Bossier City has also attracted the attention of two influential entrepreneurial Autin-based gurus, who will be speaking at the Startup Prize's first Qualifying Event. Both John Sibley Butler, the Sam Barshop Fellow at the influential IC2 Institute, and Jamie Rhodes, founder of the Central Texas Angel Network, will share their knowledge.

The first Qualifying Event will be held at Cohab in downtown Shreveport on June 21, from 12 p.m. to 1:30 p.m. The event is sponsored by the Biomedical Research Foundation.

“What they are doing in Shreveport and at the Startup Prize is creating an eco-system. Start-up money means that the region is moving into the game.  It is branding itself as a place for entrepreneurs to go and start the process of realizing their dreams,” said Butler. “We want to say, ‘if you want to start an enterprise, the Northern Louisiana Region is also the place to be.'”

The goal behind the Startup Prize is to present entrepreneurs with an opportunity and connect them with investors to help them realize their dreams. This will, in turn, create a entrepreneurial culture in northwest Louisiana. The top concepts will present their ideas to the Startup Prize's "Board of Directors" September 18-20. The grand prize is $50,000 as well as potential investments from the board.

“The Startup Prize is providing a necessary catalyst to get our community focused on becoming an amazingly progressive place that is open for business,” said Kallenberg. “We know that this event is going to be transformative to the region.”

For more information on Louisiana Startup Prize, visit or contact Sabrina Adsit at 318-213-6437.