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You may already have the best granny in the world, but we could all learn something from this special Louisiana granny who is clearly ahead of her time when it comes to women's issues!

75-year-old Flora Young is from Carencro, Louisiana and dispenses all kinds of wisdom via TikTok with regard to escaping abusive relationships, domestic violence, courage, confidence, and best of all, having FUN!

I absolutely love Flora's message. This is a woman who found the courage within herself to escape an abusive marriage with her three children during a time in history when the deck was stacked against her. She bravely stepped out, went to beauty school, opened her own shop, and built a home for her family. If you'd like to follow Flora on TikTok, she goes by @youwishiwasyourgranny.

Granny Flora shows the world thru her videos that it's okay to 'do you' and not worry about what 'society' thinks.

The loving support that Flora gives to other women in abusive relationships is incredibly supportive and loving.

Granny Flora was one of the original 'bra burners!'

Granny Flora is also a mover and a shaker when it comes to women's rights.

Granny Flora also has a great sense of humor!

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