Two things I love in this world could be joining forces soon... LSU and The Office.

There's no denying that The Office has maintained it's popularity around the country, several years after it's series finale. The show, which I regard as the best TV show of all time, has a passionate fan base that live and breathe the hit show.

Naturally, when the best marching band in the land pays tribute to The Office, it gets the world's attention.

That's what they did a couple weeks ago where their halftime marching band performance featured tributes to shows like The Simpsons, Game of Thrones, and of course, The Office.

This also got the attention of the cast members, who showed their live and support of the tribute via Twitter.

To show their appreciation for the cast giving them love online, the Tigers have officially invited the cast down to Death Valley.

Drum major Beau Bujol says to return the favor the band has invited the show’s cast down to Baton Rouge to see the performance live.

“We believe in southern hospitality here at LSU, and we wanted to extend an invitation to them and have them come down and see the show live, because the reaction that they’ve given and the reaction all over the internet is crazy.”

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