It has all come down to this.  Two men and only one can take the title of Man Crush Madness 2018 Champion. They are both crush worthy and have fought a long battle to get here. They are Bruno Mars and Channing Tatum.

Both men are commonly the feature of many Man Crush Mondays across social media platforms. Bruno is a musical superstar with talented vocals, song writing ability and moves that will get you on the dance floor. Channing also has some moves (Magic Mike anyone) and an acting ability that no one cares for because they are too busy looking at him.

Stuart C. Wilson, Getty Images
Stuart C. Wilson, Getty Images

Now both of these men battle it out in the final round of Man Crush Madness 2018.  Vote for the man you wish to see crowned champion below.  Voting ends this Thursday, March 22rd at 7am. Make sure to get your votes in now for Bruno or Channing.

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