It's a disease that is often associated with pre-school and elementary school students. However, this year it's showed up in a rather unusual place. That place? A college campus in Baton Rouge. The disease? It's the mumps.

Last week the Louisiana Department of Health along with student health officials on campus at LSU were monitoring five students with confirmed cases of the disease. The amount of people affected by mumps in Baton Rouge at LSU has now almost doubled.

Louisiana Department of Health officials say the outbreak of mumps on the LSU campus seems to be following a trend of outbreaks on other campuses across the country. Healthcare officials say the college lifestyle of college dorm rooms, parties, and sporting events are perfect places to spread the virus.

The symptoms of the disease are similar to a really bad cold. The difference is that with mumps the salivary glands tend to swell. This gives the sufferer the appearance of a swollen neck or cheeks.

There has only been one confirmed case of mumps by a student living on campus at LSU. That student has been quarantined. Campus officials are working with the Department of Health to determine "ground zero" for the current outbreak. In the meantime, if you have students on campus at LSU remind them of the importance of good basic hygiene.

In other words, tell them to wash their hands a lot. You might also want to tell them to not drink after anyone by sharing sips from a cup, can, or bottle. Also, if they're not feeling well get to a doctor and then get to the house and stay there until they feel better.

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