My goodness, this video will have your heart racing behind your screen.

Seriously, this is like something straight out of the movies. This footage is why I don't do two things: Drive in a foreign country and ride motorcycles.

i will not do either, ever, at any point in my life, and this video is a pretty good showcase of why. In the now viral go-pro footage, you see a motorcyclist riding on a two-lane highway in India. Both sides of the highway are separated by a concrete barrier. The motorcyclist featured in the clip is weaving through both of the correct lanes, clearly getting to where he was trying to go, when all of a sudden, his life flashed before his eyes.

Somehow, a very large truck found it's way onto the wrong side of the highway, going the WRONG direction.

As the motorcyclist switched lanes to get around a vehicle, he instantly came face-to-face with this monster of machinery, going at a very high speed.

Luckily, somehow he avoided the collision.

Check out this insanity!


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