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For nearly twelve years, I've been DJing weddings in and around Shreveport. Here's a list of my favorites.

There's nothing truly as magical as a beautiful, perfect wedding. I am lucky enough to enjoy these wonderful moments every weekend, although COVID-19 put a brief pause on my weekly wedding adventures. Of course, DJing weddings and nightclubs every single weekend to suddenly being home every Friday and Saturday night was quite the change. Luckily for me, weddings have began to resume again, and hopefully nightclubs will be soon-to-follow.

Since weddings began again for me a little under two months ago, I have played at several truly amazing venues. Truth be told, I've never once played at a venue in town that I didn't love for it's uniqueness. This list is not to say which venues are better than others, instead, it's simply a list of venues I would consider my favorite, and if this list could be longer, I'm sure I would include every single wedding venue in town.

Also, the list is in no particular order. Let's begin!


  • 1

    Sainte Terre


    This beautiful ceremony and reception venue is found in Benton, LA. The atmosphere is simply different at Sainte Terre. The views are incredible, the staff is amazing, and every wedding held at this venue is absolutely magical. Sainte Terre has been named the "#4 Wedding Barn In The Country" by Southern Living Magazine.
  •  2

    Hill Country Village


    Located on Ellerbe road in Shreveport, Hill Country Village is one of the busiest wedding venues in town, and for good reason. The staff works endlessly to make sure every wedding is perfect. The scenery is splendid and the venue recently added a beautiful pavilion for uses to enjoy during the reception.
  •  3

    The Dixie Gin


    The Dixie Gin is without question, one of the most lovely, beautiful, and unique wedding venues you'll ever come across. This historic cotton gin is as Southern as it gets, and the staff are simply top-notch. Located just minutes from downtown Shreveport, the Dixie Gin is truly one of a kind.


  • 4

    Barn at Coyote Creek


    The Barn at Coyote Creek is a newcomer in the world of wedding venues, but this place is simply fantastic. One of the prettiest barn venues you'll ever come across, that's beautiful both inside and outside. The staff is fantastic and welcoming. The Barn at Coyote Creek might be new, but they'll be around for a long time.
  •  5

    601 Spring Street


    This wedding venue is located right in the heart of downtown Shreveport. The reception room is very large and equally beautiful. The party is always massive at 601 Spring, and the staff always works hard to make sure everything rolls perfectly.




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