Friday night, my daughter and I enjoyed a fun night of wrestling at the Shreveport Municipal.

I would like to start by clarifying that I am no huge wrestling fan myself. Like many of you, I grew up watching wrestling pretty heavily, but fell out of it as I got older. Still, every time the WWE comes to town, I buy a ticket and go to the show. There is just something magical about that experience. I love theater myself, and WWE shows are theater in the purest form.

I decided to take Friday night off and spend it with my daughter, something I don't get to do on the weekends very often. I bought two front row seats to watch NXT Live and to be honest, I didn't really know what to expect. for starters, I am not familiar with the NXT developmental brand at all, so I knew that I would know absolutely no wrestlers on the card. secondly, my daughter has never seen wrestling at all, so I wasn't sure if she would like it or not.

Let me just say, she was completely blown away. She had never been to the historic Shreveport Municipal Auditorium so she loved seeing that building for the first time. From the first match of the night at about 7:30 up until the finale at about 9:45, she was completely hooked. She noticed early on that in every match, there was a good guy and a bad guy, naturally, she rooted for the good guys all night, and she connected with them and cheered for them loudly in victory, and screamed words of encouragement at them in defeat.

She also loved that so many of them greeted her as they made their way around the ring, and she was happy with so many high fives.

All in all, these WWE shows are pure magic and even if you're not a wrestling fan, you should try your best to come to these shows whenever we're lucky enough to have them in Shreveport-Bossier.

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