Many Americans believe that work is to blame for their growing waistline and with these reasons, how could anyone argue?

It's 2:33 p.m. on a Thursday and an all-company email goes out announcing that there is cake in the break room to celebrate Karen's third day on the job. You hear your boss' door open and before you can hide she pokes her head in your office she says, "You're not gonna miss out on cake, are you?" Now, many of us would go skipping down the hallway for a good old sugar rush, but there are some who would rather pass on the added calories, or the interesting event o celebrate.

You start to feel like Elaine on Seinfeld.

You also start to realize that all of these sugary office gatherings are starting to take a toll on your waistline. You're not alone. In fact, according to a recent survey by Career Builder, 45 percent of Americans say that their job is to blame for their weight gain.

Of course, it's not all because of the office celebrations or the pressure you feel to partake in them. It's also due to other factors like sitting at your desk for the majority of the day or feeling too tired to work out before or after work. Some people also attribute after-work happy hours to the extra calories.

Here are several things that could be contributing to work-related weight gain and the percentage of people who agree:

Sitting at a desk too long - 53 percent

Too tired from work to exercise - 49 percent

Stress eating - 41 percent

No time to workout around work hours - 34 percent

Office candy jar temptation - 21 percent

Regularly eating out - 21 percent

Workplace celebrations - 13 percent

No time to eat a proper meal - 12 percent

Happy hour - 6 percent

Feeling pressured to eat food brought in by co-workers - 6 percent

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