Tacobout the best kind of documentary ever! Today was the big debut of Las Crónicas del Taco, a tasty series about different types of Mexican tacos and the people who put together the amazing flavors.

Although the tacumentary is presented in Spanish, there are English subtitles. This makes it difficult to focus on the food and the text at the same time. Find someone who can interpret for you, if you need a buddy just call me. Check out the trailer below.

Growing up, my siblings and I had a tortilla with just about every meal. My mom was innovative in the kitchen. She made us pizza burritos and chicken teriyaki burritos, they sound odd but they were delicious. We loved getting Kentucky Fried Chicken and putting the fried chicken in a corn tortilla, they made for stellar tacos.

Perhaps my mothers taco fusion parties in the kitchen are why I am always searching for the best Taco in SBC! Who has the BEST taco in the SBC? Feel free to let me know you can message me directly by clicking here.

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