Attention Office fans: Greg Daniels and Steve Carrell are working together again, this time, in space!

For over a year now, I have routinely went top google and typed the words, "Netflix Spaceforce". Basically ever since the show was announced, I've waited rather impatiently for any Space Force news. Finally, the wait is over.

This week, Netflix released the first images of the upcoming TV show, and also announced it's premiere date.

For those unaware, Greg Daniels is the mastermind behind one of the greatest comedy sitcoms of all time: The Office. It should go without saying that Steve Carrell became the mega-star he is today thanks in part to his meteoric rise to fame that came along with his role as Michael Scott.

Now, the two are coming together again to take on the United State's newest military branch, The U.S. Space Force.

The new show, described as another work-place comedy, follows Carell’s General Mark R. Naird and his appointment to lead our nation's newest military branch. The show is packed with big stars like John Malkovich, Ben Schwartz, and Lisa Kudrow.

Check out the gallery below featuring our first look at the upcoming show!

Space Force lands on Netflix on Friday, May 29th.


Space Force on Netflix



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