This scam will lead you to a fake site waiting to pounce on your credit card information. So not (Netflix and) chill.

You can never be too careful in today's world, especially online. Carefully worded ads, Arabian princes waiting to give you their fortune, and threats of subscription cancellation. Some scams are easier spotted than others and this Netflix scam can be a tad tricky if you skim over the email.

Has Netflix told you to "Restart Membership"?

It's an email that looks like it is from Netflix notifying you that your membership has been suspended after a failed attempt to validate your billing information. They then ask you to act within 48 hours and is signed "The Netflix Team." The email even appears to be on Netflix electronic letterhead. These guys are good.

Here's what the email looks like...

The problem is that when you click "Restart Membership" you are redirected to a site that looks just like the real Netflix website. Users are then asked to input their credit card info. Now the scammers have all your info put into their system and you're off to "Netflix and chill" without thinking twice.

I know it's a pain to take a few extra minutes and double check that things are legitimate, but you have to.

Check email domains, website security features, even whether or not the email was sent to you. Some of these fake emails don't even use an actual name, let alone yours. For more tips on how to protect yourself and what to look for in regards to this specific Netflix scam, you can check out this post on This is a pretty details walk-through of the scam with screenshots.

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