It's no secret that the state of Louisiana is known for it's amazing dishes and that's exactly what this new show will spotlight. Proud Mary 360' Grill just opened it's doors in downtown Shreveport off the Red River District and already they're making their name known! Chef Panderina Soumas will be using her diners to help decide which dishes pass Shreveport's approval.

Marketing Director Michelle White-Lafitte told KSLA that "It's about Panderina in search of fresh foods throughout the state of Louisiana. Things that are germane to Louisiana. We are going to go everywhere." The plan for the show is after they find the new recipe Chef Panderina will take it back to the restaurant where she will prepare it for random guests who will decide if she should keep it or not.

The show will be called "Panderina" and will start production in August for streaming on Roku's Fusion Food Network.

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