As we are moving into the middle of the National Football League's regular season I'd have to say that as far as COVID-19 concerns go, the league has gotten through the pandemic better than okay. Sure, there have been issues with teams. There have been some postponements but for the most part, the games have made it to the field and to television where the NFL derives its revenue.

However, the NFL is resting on its laurels and simply hoping for a status quo end to the season. The League's Competition Committee has been at work developing what could be called a "worst-case " playoff scenario should COVID-19 concerns elevate as the nation moves into the colder weather months. This according to ESPN.

The League's contingency plan for a COVID interrupted year is reportedly going to come down to a 16-team playoff plan. That plan would include the four division champions out of each conference as well as four wild card teams from each conference.

The playoff seedings would be as you'd expect. The number one team plays number eight. The number two team plays the seventh seed. The three seed gets the sixth seed and the four and five seeds will play each other.

Based on the ESPN report, the league is looking at this scenario as the schedule moves past the bye weeks for most teams. It is those bye weeks that have allowed schedule-makers to catch up on games that have been postponed because of positive tests.

The contingency plan isn't actually that far off the league's current playoff plan which takes the four division champs but only allows for three wildcard teams. That plan was to be put in place with the 2020 season anyway. So, hopefully, we won't need the "emergency playoff plan" but if we do. You at least know where your team may or may not be seeded because of it.

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