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It seems like we get a handful of closing announcements every single day now.  Unfortunately, today is no exception.  To add to the growing list of places that have had to close their doors for good, Piccadilly Cafeteria on the Shreveport-Barkdale Highway has filled their last tray with food.

The move presumably puts all of the employees out of work, although there is the possibility that some staff could be transferred to the remaining location at Mall St. Vincent.  At the time of this report, that Piccadilly's Cafeteria location was still open.

So far, we have seen a lot of companies (most of them restaurants) close up shop permanently because of the Coronavirus crisis.  Not only do the new rules about limited capacity for these businesses make it almost impossible to turn a profit on dine-in customers - the current regulations make it even harder to operate a buffet or cafeteria-style restaurant because of the more frequent person-to-person interaction that happens in these settings.   On top of that, I can't imagine brisk sales of carry-out meals for these types of restaurants.  In the COVID-19 era, that's hardly a winning formula.

Now, more than ever - if there is a restaurant in town that you can't live without, support them as much as possible.  If you can't afford to eat there as often as you would like, I suggest supporting them in other ways like recommending it to friends and family and sharing their posts on social media.

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