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Full disclosure: I have a fear of the dentist.  While I'll admit that it's a tad bit unreasonable - it's totally real.  My aversion to the complicated chairs and the tiny aprons they put on you stem from a traumatic experience I had as a child at the hands of an Army dentist.  As an adult, I know that there are much better dentists out there that have way more training than the U.S. Army's Corporal Punishment received at boot camp (presumably from a book called "Terrible Dentistry for Dummies").  Unfortunately, there are also those who have far less training.

That leads us to the case of 28-year-old Aireon Davis of Arabi, Louisiana.  She's currently wanted by the authorities after the St. Bernard Sheriff’s Office issued an arrest warrant late last week.  Her legal trouble started the moment an unnamed 15-year-old girl walked into her house to show off her new braces.  The problem is - it was a complete surprise to her parents.  As in: They didn't approve of (or even know about) the procedure!

The parents obviously contacted the St. Bernard Sheriff’s Office right away.  Deputies immediately launched an investigation into the unauthorized orthodontics which lead them to Aireon.  Further digging would uncover Ms. Davis' unlicensed procedures were being done out of her apartment, and she was even advertising on Instagram under the name 'bracee_yourself' - none of which she was legally certified to do!

A search warrant was executed on the suspects apartment, during which authorities found “various dentistry tools and orthodontic supplies,” but the dubious dentist was nowhere to be found.  As of the time of this report, Aireon Davis was still on the run.

As a father of a 12-year-old who is more than likely going to need some form of braces, I get that a steeply discounted set might sound attractive - and that's what makes it so terrible.  There's no telling how many struggling parents just trying to make sure their kids have straight teeth may have been suckered in by this charlatan.  According to the Sun-Herald, St. Bernard Sheriff’s deputies are looking for Davis and any other victims of this scammer.  If you know anything, give them a call at 504-271-2501.

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