It's Not Everyday That You Get Great Content from TikTok.

Most of the time it's annoying dancing and stupid humor that I send back and forth with my friend Francis. I recently stumbled upon Tara the Relationship Coach. She shares tidbits with people who are navigating the relationship world.

Do We Really Need a Relationship Coach?

My first instinct is to say absolutely not, I don't need help, however, my last few trainwrecks of relationships prove that I am in fact lying to myself. A couple of my friends sent me this video below claiming that I was guilty of one of the major red flags she pointed out.

Tara the Relationship Coach Claims That These are the 5 Types of People She Would Never Date as a Relationship Coach.

Keep in mind I agree with her, you should never date someone who has cheated on more than two partners, and maybe dating someone who can't help but follow "sexy accounts" is a red flag, however, one thing that has me baffled is "someone who believes in being friends with all of their exes." Yup, I have always remained friends with my exes, why wouldn't I? Is this really that big of a red flag? Check out the video from Tara the Relationship Coach below.


@tara.relationshipcoach You do you, but from all of the couples I’ve worked with, these are major 🚩. #relationshipadvice #couplestips #coupleshelp #marriedlife #datingadvice #datinghelp #marriageadvice #couplestiktok #couplesoftiktok #relationshiptiktok #datingtips #marriedcouples #relationshiptips #couplesontiktok #couplesissues #basicneeds #relationshipproblems #healthyrelationships #healthyrelationshipsonly ♬ Easy Lover - Ellie Goulding

What are your thoughts do you agree with this list?

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