I've been a fan of the Jersey Shore since season one over a decade ago so of course I'm watching the new "Family Vacation" season. Ronnie has always been my least favorite on the show because of his need to one up the others and constant drama he brings on himself. I'm sure alcohol plays a major factor in what Ronnie does but it appears to be getting worse... Or everyone else on the show is maturing?

The cast had been in Las Vegas filming season 2 of their Family Vacation but had to stop early allegedly because of Ronnie. It's so bad that rumors were going around that the producers and cast have been planning an intervention to try and save Ron. All the drama appears to be coming from Ron's new on again off again relationship with him baby momma Lauren. Vegas being where they live I'm sure only made everything worse! Not to mention the pool fight Ronnie gets into on day 2 of filming with a random guy... Maybe no more Ron Ron Juice!