We asked on our website for the past week who you thought had the Best Pizza in the Shreveport Bossier City area and after thousands of votes we now have our answer... Sal's Pizza in Sandbar! Sal's isn't like a normal pizza place because he's a one man show and not open normal hours. But if you find yourself out late at night still craving something great to eat Sal is there for you from 8pm-6am.
Sal has been making pizza most of his adult life he told us "I grew up in Queens, N.Y. where every high schooler's job was either the pizzeria or Blockbuster. Well, I'm glad I went with the pizzeria! About seven years ago I was a kitchen manager at a local restaurant, and decided to add pizzas to their menu. People loved them, so I took a chance and took a leap of faith to open up my own shop."
For the past 8 years he's been located in Sandbar but it wasn't an easy start being based out of a bar most people doubted the quality at first. Sal told us "I must have given away over 100 pizzas, but after trying my pizza I heard nothing but great reviews! After their first bite I made return customers and friends for life. Fresh ingredients, consistency, and customer service are the building blocks of my business and that is what makes my pizza better. I truly believe when you love what you do people can taste it"

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