Thankfully I don't run into spiders often. I have a cat that regulates that bug situation in my home. He does a good job at exterminating, but he doesn't do a good job at cleaning the mess afterwards.

According to Science Alert, the University of Gloucestershire and the Charles Darwin House created a free app called 'Spider in da House' to help collect data for their research. The app was designed to track everything about in house spider sightings. It tracked place, time, latitude and longitude, sex of the spider, which room in the house, which location in that room and so on.

They ran the app from August 2013 to January 2014 and gathered 9,905 submissions from the UK. What they found was that 82 percent of the spiders were male. Side note: How can you tell if a spider is male or female? The researches believe that the males are searching for mates. They also found that the time spiders would appear around "6 pm and 9 pm, and the mean average was 7.35 pm". The scientists say that this information doesn't show when spiders are out and about most often, but when we are just likely to see them in our home.