I decided to dress up as Run DMC for my 90's party, but a co-worker claims they are strictly 80's. What do you think?

Tonight, I will be hosting/DJing Pardi Gras at the Horseshoe Casino Riverdome. This partty is a unique Mardi Gras Bal where tuxes and bal dresses are pretty much not allowed. Instead, they pick a theme each year and guests are encouraged to dress up in that theme.

This year, it's all about the 90's baby!

Like every year around Halloween time, I found myself trying to find an outfit where I could get away with wearing a hat. You know, because mine is basically super-glued on my head.

Quickly, I picked out Run DMC. I already have the hat, not I only need the chain and the Adidas track suit.

After completely the full outfit, I boastfully wore it to work, expecting a round of a applause no matter what room I entered. Instead, I was greeted by Greg Atoms, our resident ball-buster, who claimed I would be out of place at a 90's party since Run DMC is strictly 80's.

I'm not denying that Run DMC was a monster drawe in the 80's, where most of their hits came out, but I believe their success and notoriety rolled over into the 90's as well.

So, what do you think?