We All Love LSU Legend Shaquille O'Neal and His Crazy Shopping Sprees.

We have heard of the lucky folks who run into pro basketball hall of famer Shaquille O’Neal and they end up with their tab paid. Is the man obsessed with surprising us? Yes, and we all love him for it.

Chris Graythen, Staff, GETTY IMAGES
Chris Graythen, Staff, GETTY IMAGES

This Time Shaq Made Headlines in Lafayette, Louisiana.

According to KARK.com, Kquoella Lewis realized she was walking next to a very tall man and then realized it was Shaquille O’Neal inside the Best Buy. Lewis claims that Shaq was asking about a Samsung Galaxy Z Flip phone. Lewis jumped in and gave her two cents when Shaq said he needed two. One was for the Lafayette woman.

Shaquille O’Neal Loves Surprising His Fans With Gifts.

According to People.com Shaq loves surprising people with gifts because he has a lot of money. He claims that he loves to watch fans and if he's at a Best Buy or Walmart he will buy what they are looking at.

Why Is Shaq in Lafayette?

LSU Tiger Shaquille O'Neal announced in April that he would bring his restaurant "Big Chicken." to Baton Rouge, could he be expanding to Lafayette? Can we find him and stare at a very expensive iPad to try and get his attention?

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