My Mother Passed Away Right Before Christmas in 2004 When I Was 13.

I live in constant fear that one day I won't remember what my mom was like. So I do all kinds of odd things, in her honor to make sure I never forget her, and what kind of human she was.

Although My Mother Has Been Gone for 19 Years There are Some Things About Her I Can't Forget, and I Hope I Never Do.

There are so many things I can remember about her. I can remember her perfume, her chuckle, and her hands. Her hands could tell you a lot. If she had dirt under her nails it was a good sign, she was the queen of gardening and it meant that she was out spending time with God, planting new life, and taking care of all her flowers and vegetables.

My mother was soft spoken, she didn't teach you a lesson by lecturing you, she took you along for the ride as she sprung into action. She had such a simple outlook on life and her simple outlook is still teaching me even though she's gone. If you don't have your mother around anymore, find a way to celebrate her. You can celebrate her in the simplest of ways too. Keep it simple.

I Have Promised Myself I Will Always Write About My Mother.

Not because she has a story that needs to be told, but because I am so scared that I'll forget what kind of amazing wonderful human she was. Here are some things she taught me that I always try to remind myself of. Maybe you need a reminder too.

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