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It's no secret that storms in our area can get intense.  It doesn't matter if you're talking about tropical storms, winter storms, or spring thunderstorms - we have a pretty solid track record of being a magnet for some of the nastiest.  Sure, Shreveport gets its share - but our entire East Texas, Northwest Louisiana, Southwest Arkansas area is notoriously rife with big bad storm activity.

About 2 weeks ago (March 27th) a horrific tornado ripped through the area just west of Carthage, Texas.  When the twister touched down in Deadwood, it was tossing debris, chucking vehicles, and uprooting trees left and right.  When the storm dropped a tree onto Edward Laird's home, he was able to escape with his life.  His wife was not so lucky.

To make matters worse, about half of his house was completely destroyed.  According to the statement Edward made in a recent report from KSLA, the incident turned his home into a house.  With very little money to make repairs, let alone replace the house altogether - things seemed bleak for Mr. Laird and the roof over his head.

That's when the Shreveport Volunteer Network (SVN) stepped in.  These folks have been on the front line of this area's many, many crises handing out water and food, clearing downed trees, and generally putting "boots on the ground" whenever folks in our neck of the woods need help.  Seeing as how "fixing Edward's house situation" definitely fits into that category - it was a natural fit.

According to the report from KSLA, the SVN's Keith Bryant has stepped in to run point on helping Mr. Laird get back on track - and job #1 is replacing his house.  The organization is attempting to raise $46,995 in order to get a new home on the property owned by Edward.  According to Bryant, living in the house that his wife was killed in is becoming increasingly detrimental to Mr. Laird's mental health - even if it was in tip-top shape (which it isn't).

The group (spearheaded by Bryant) has already started working in regards to cleaning up the wreckage and making the house as comfortable as possible - but to complete their mission, they are asking the public for help.  They have already raised close to $10,000, but will need many more donations to reach their goal.  If you can help, or you know someone who could - here's the link to donate.

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