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Did you know that where you live can affect your odds of keeping your resolutions? Yep! And here are the odds of sticking to your 2024 goals if you live in Shreveport, LA!

How does Shreveport rank as a community when it comes to keeping its resolutions?

It's a new year and a new you, right? Sadly, if you live in Shreveport, the odds of keeping your new resolutions aren't very good. Unfortunately, there's research to back that up from

According to a study from, Shreveport, Louisiana was the third worst city in the country for keeping New Year's resolutions in 2023. This year, the results are even worse... Shreveport, LA is now 2024's second worst city in the country for keeping New Year's resolutions.

Source: WalletHub

According to's list of 2024's Best and Worst Cities for Keeping New Year's Resolutions, Shreveport ranks 180th out of 182 cities when it comes to keeping our New Year's resolutions. Other Louisiana cities like New Orleans didn't do much better. NOLA came in 144th place and Baton Rouge was 170th.

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How does Shreveport rank for specific types of New Year's resolutions?

Shreveport ranks 177th when it comes to resolutions about relationships. That's scary if you're looking for love in the new year. We rank 180th for resolutions regarding health, 176th for financial resolutions, 131st for school and work resolutions, and 166th for resolutions regarding bad habits. compared cities based on five dimensions and 57 related metrics.

The metrics used to determine these figures were based on the percentage of obese adults, exercise, medium income, medium credit score, above average schools, unemployment rate, amount of binge drinking, smoking, restaurants per capita, parkland per capita, etc.

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Admittedly, I think it would be harder to get in shape the lower your income is. Healthy food costs more than Doritos and personal training to keep you accountable and the requisite gym membership isn't cheap. Hiring a financial advisor isn't free either. Neither is a marriage counselor, dating service, continuing education, etc... Does this mean we're hopeless when it comes to making lifestyle improvements if we live in the Shreveport area? Not even a little bit. Just make sure you stay focused on the prize!


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