It's that time once again... Time for us all to make promises to ourselves that we'll keep for a few weeks, then go right back to being our normal selves...

That all changes this year for us in the Ark-La-Tex. This year, I've put together a list of New Year's resolutions that we all can can commit to for 2018.


  • 1

    Eat More Crawfish

    That's right, we're kicking this off with the most important resolution. Do whatever it takes to eat more crawfish in 2018, you will be a better person because of it!

  • 2

    Support Local Businesses

    I feel like the majority of us do a substantial amount of local shopping, but you can never do too much. We have so many local, family-owned businesses that need out support, so let's make a habit out of it in 2018.

  • 3

    Stop Complaining

    Even I am guilty of this one. It's so easy for us to complain about where we live, but I believe we should try our best to stop that nonsense in 2018. No, Shreveport-Bossier is by no means perfect, but it is our part of the world, and it could use some lovin'.

  • 4

    Go Out More

    This one is close to my heart. I've seen a rapid decrease in the nightlife scene in Shreveport-Bossier, and I think it's time for a resurgence. What better time then now? With so many great venues, whether it be restaurants, bars, or nightclubs to choose from, there's no excuse to not go out and have a good time on the town.

  • 5

    Drive Like Normal People

    I'm confident in saying that we have some of the most insane drivers on the planet, right here in the Ark-La-Tex. Once, I rode in a three-wheeled cab in Mexico where he was using both sides of a two-lane street to swerve in and out of traffic at 70 MPH. I felt much safer in that cab than I do driving home on I-20. Play nice on the roadways and get off your phone!

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