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Making good grades is a reward in and of itself.  Not only are you taking advantage of the opportunity to improve yourself through education, parents are generally pretty happy when you are bringing home grades in the "A to high-B" range.  For one exceptional Shreveport student, good grades and exemplary behavior have opened a rare and exciting door that you may not have expected would be the result of mercilessly hitting the books.

The Shreveport Student Representing Louisiana at the Rose Parade is More Than Smart

Ashini Modi is a standout student at Caddo Parish Magnet High School, but she's more than smart.  Ashini has also spent a great deal of time learning how to be an awesome human being by volunteering like there's no tomorrow.  According to a report from the ArkLaTex Homepage, Modi works to provide educational opportunities to young people who unfortunately find themselves at the Providence House homeless shelter by establishing a library of over 1,500 books she calls the "Reading Rainforest."

This Shreveport Student Representing Louisiana at the Rose Parade Must Be Getting Used to Accolades

Ashini's hard work at school and in the community hasn't gone unnoticed.  While her previous accomplishments were impressive (she was the Louisiana Elementary Student of the year and received special recognition from Governor John Bel Edwards as a middle school student as well), the next spotlight she'll step into is pretty big.  Modi has been selected to represent our state at the 133rd Tournament of Roses Parade in Pasadena, California.

Ashini Modi Won't Be the Only Louisiana Representative in the Rose Bowl Parade

The time-honored parade will hit the streets in Pasadena on January 1st at 10 a.m. central.  Ashini will be riding on the float that looks like a slice of Louisiana life to represent our state with 7 other incredible residents of the Sportsman's Paradise:

  • United Cajun Navy Founder and President Todd Terrell
  • St. Tammany Parish Sheriff’s Deputy Dylan Crawford
  • Thibodaux Regional Medical Center’s Dr. Brian Parker
  • Jefferson Parish 2022 Middle School Teacher of the Year Kara Bailey Lee
  • Aspiring astronaut Alyssa Carson
  • Miss Louisiana 2021 Julia Claire Williams
  • 2021 Miss Louisiana USA Tanya Crowe

American Idol Season 17 winner Laine Hardy and the Hot 8 Brass band will also be performing on the float that is reported to be made of over 34,000 flowers.  You can see what the float will look like in the WWLTV interview with Lt. Gov. Billy Nungesser below around the 2:19 mark.

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