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A Texas judge has ordered the U.S. Bureau of Prisons to evaluate the case of a transgender inmate seeking to be the first to undergo gender-reassignment surgery while being held in federal custody.

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Cristina Iglesias is Serving Time in a Texas Women's Prison For Threating to Use a Weapon of Mass Destruction

47-year-old Cristina Nichole Iglesias is currently serving a 20-year sentence that started in 1994 for threatening to use a weapon of mass destruction at Fort Worth’s Federal Medical Center Carswell.  According to the report from Forbes, she has been working with lawyers and the ACLU to get the surgery since 2016.

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A Federal Judge Wants the U.S. Bureau of Prisons To Evaluate Iglesias' Request for Gender-Reassignment Surgery

Last week, federal judge Nancy J. Rosenstengel ordered officials with the U.S. Bureau of Prisons to evaluate Iglesias' case and come to a decision quickly.  Rosenstengel wants the bureau to decide before January 24th, and, if approved, to schedule the procedure as soon as possible.  According to the report from the Dallas Morning News, Rosenstengel wants a quick turnaround on the evaluation so that the surgery can be completed before Iglesias is released later this year.

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Texas Inmate Cristina Iglesias Has Released a Statement About Her Gender-Reassignment Request

Iglesias issued this statement on the matter through her lawyer:

I am happy to have had the chance to tell my story and am hopeful that other transgender people will benefit from my case

She added that without judge Rostentengal’s help, she would"

...fall through the cracks and [the Bureau of Prisons] would ignore my need for gender-affirming surgery which I’ve been fighting to get for decades.

According to a report from NBC, there are currently 1,200 federal prisoners serving time right now that identify as transgender.

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