I suppose if we really wanted to be accurate the title of this short lesson in love should be called "The 5 Words A Woman Needs In Her Online Dating Profile If She Wants To Get Noticed By A Man". I am going out on a limb by thinking that getting noticed by a man is pretty crucial to the success or failure of an online dating profile. Never-the-less, according to Female First if you include these five words in your profile you'll get more action than if you don't.


  • Theo Wargo, Getty Images
    Theo Wargo, Getty Images


    In the simple machine that is the male mind the word witty is good because it conjures up an image of smart but not too smart. It also means you'll find our immature sense of humor to be tolerable and not horrific. Basically, we believe witty means your smart enough to understand that we don't take life as seriously as you do.

  • Theo Wargo/NBC, Getty Images
    Theo Wargo/NBC, Getty Images


    In the mind of the male, the girl next door is probably who he had his first crush on. Ask almost any man you know and if he's honest, it was the girl next door he thought about first. The phrase also means you're approachable. You're a neighbor and you're not riding a high horse or see yourself perched on a pedestal.

  • Noam Galai/Getty Images for Cantor Fitzgerald
    Noam Galai/Getty Images for Cantor Fitzgerald


    This word translates to the male mind as you have the ability to learn and you have actually gone out and learned things. You're not touting that you're an over-the-top intellectual, you're simply saying you've been out of the kitchen and survived the harrowing journey.

  • Jason Merrit/Getty Images
    Jason Merrit/Getty Images


    How is this different from Number 3? Educated means you have been taught. Intelligent means you're smart enough to figure things out. To men, intelligence is not about books and lectures. It's about the ability to asses a situation, make it better, and move on. We like women who can think for themselves. We don't like women who try to think for us.

  • Jason Merritt, Getty Images
    Jason Merritt, Getty Images

    Small Town

    These words mean you're not uppity. It means that you're okay with the simpler things in life. Since we men are about as simple a creature as the Good Lord made, that's a good thing. Small town is similar to Girl Next Door, it denotes an air of comfort and friendliness. It means if you don't like us or turn us down you would at least do it in a nice way.

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