One of the coolest theme parks in the world is set to open November 15th in Bologna, Italy.  It's called FICO Eataly World, and it's all about celebrating food!  Admission is free, but you have to pay for the food you eat.  It's not all about stuffing your gullet, it's also about how food gets to your table.  The park is full of rides and experiences that teach you all about how the Italian food you are enjoying got into your mouth.  It's called agri-tainment, and it's awesome.  Obviously, this won't work for any type of food.  Haggis-land wouldn't be quite as cool, and I'm just not excited to visit Curry-world - but an amusement park built around Italian Food and Wine?  Yes, please.

The park boasts a whopping 40 restaurants serving up delicious servings of traditional and cutting edge regional cuisine, plus lots of shops where you can buy the quality ingredients to make this deliciousness for your self.  They also host cooking workshops to teach you all types of time-honored Italian culinary techniques that will have you whipping up a dizzying array of incredible meals when you come home.

If you are planning on experiencing this gastro-get away, make sure you book a hotel room nearby.  You are gong to need a nap or two to enjoy the whole thing.

This concept would be incredible if it was implemented here!  Louisiana Grub-Land has a nice ring to it.  Or maybe Vittle-Ville.  Either way, our neck of the woods has edible delights that would rival the best that Italy has to offer.  I, for one, would love to see that happen.

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