Every week we try to solve listeners problems in the Court of Madhouse. This week we had a listener call in about his best friend. His best friend met a girl on Tinder. He thought it was a fling, but little did he know his friend and Tinderella were moving pretty quick into their relationship. Our listener's friend is thinking about popping the question.

Our listener doesn't want his friend to make a mistake by jumping to marriage, but he also want his friend to be happy. Listen to the video below to see how the Court of Madhouse handled the situation.


Carter, the defense, thinks he needs to stop his friend from making the biggest mistake of his life.

Ginger, the prosecution, thinks that he should say his peace about what he thinks about their relationship, but still allow him to do what he wants.

Our judge, Brandon's final say was that "Honesty is the best policy." As a true friend you should let him know how you feel, but it will test your friendship in the long run.

Nevertheless, we have said our peace about the situation. What do you think our listener should do?