Today on the Court of Madhouse we had a case that we can all understand. The caller, who shall not be named to protect their privacy, has had a friend bum on their coach for the past 6 months. He has had enough and needs help on what to do next.

His friend has been broken up with and wrecked his vehicle, and has been hit with a lot of struggles. With our caller being a good friend, allowed him to crash on his couch while he got his life together. Our caller is now struggling to launch this heavy weight off the couch.

Carter (representative for the Defense), says that he should kick him out. "Six months is ridiculous."

Ginger (representative for the prosecution), says that as a caring individual that this caller is it can be difficult to set boundaries when you are trying to be supportive. "Give them an ultimatum. Help them set up a two week plan to get their life together and if they don't follow through he needs to find a new place to stay".

What do you think our caller should do with this couch potato?