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So, what happens if your place of business closes its doors due to the Coronavirus pandemic?  If you're lucky and it's a temporary shutdown, perhaps your employer has made arrangements for you to still get paid.  Maybe you've stashed away some cash for a rainy day?  If not, and you are facing the possibility of a significant to total loss of income - the state of Louisiana has your back.

The Louisiana Workforce Commission is now offering workers displaced by Coronavirus partial unemployment insurance to help get them through this crisis.  According to their press release, if:

A. Your work hours have been reduced because of lack of work due to Coronavirus.

B. Your workplace closes temporarily, and you are not being compensated.

And/or C. You have been instructed not to go to work, and you are not being paid while at home. 

You could be entitled to receive up to $247 per week in the form of unemployment assistance.

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