From pep rallies to football games, these #MannequinChallenge videos are epic.

This past Friday, high school football playoff season kicked off in Shreveport-Bossier and with it came ample opportunities for the #MannequinChallenge. You've seen this around social media. You literally get a group of people, or in this case an entire high school, to freeze in the middle of an action. Then one person walks through the crown filming it all.

If done right, it's pretty cool.

We've had a few high schools in our area who have joined in on the fun. Yeah, we may have stalked you on Twitter, so if you have a video to share, feel free to tag us on any social media.

Check out Benton's pep rally:

And Captain Shreve's pre-game festivities:

Or how about Parkway's in-game #MannequinChallenge:

Keep these coming! We love seeing the school spirit!