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3 magnificent tigers found in horrific conditions will now be able to live out the rest of their days in beautiful East Texas thanks to some extremely big-hearted folks at the Black Beauty Ranch in Murchison.  This incredible Lone Star State animal sanctuary is located just east of Tyler, and is the home to tons (literally) of exotic animals.

According to a report from Click 2 Houston, the Black Beauty Ranch is a 1,400-acre property that is home to more than 800 animals.  This sprawling estate is home to lions, tigers, and bears (oh my), but don't think that this is just Tiger King: Texas Edition.  These animals have been rescued from living in horrid conditions that would have absolutely killed them.

In fact 3 of the tigers that now call the Black Beauty Ranch their home all hail from the Houston, Texas area - and had they not been rescued, they would have died there.  Loki, Elsa, and India all have plenty of room to explore and live now that they are residents of the ranch.

Loki was found living in a transport cage infested with maggots and littered with feces after his former owner said she wasn't able to care for the massive predator any longer. Elsa was found in starving to death in a backyard during the 2019 Texas freeze (the cold didn't bother her, hence the name). India was found roaming the H-Town streets wearing a harness and was almost killed by a very scared police officer that saw him walking through a neighborhood only to be collected by a man "who was out of jail on bond related to a 2017 murder."

All 3 big cats have acclimated very well to their new homes, and seem content to live a quiet life in this East Texas paradise

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