Rewind the clocks just two weeks, and everything was fine and normal. Now, things are quite different in Shreveport. Here's what we took for granted.

It's amazing what a week can do, right Shreveport? Just as quickly as COVID-19 arrived, it quickly changed the way all of us live our lives, in one way or another. Within a few days, our city, like most other in the country, drastically changed and now we have to get used to this temporary new normal.

I wanted to make a list highlighting the things we all took for granted here in Shreveport before the changes altered the way we have to do things.



  • 1


    This absolutely has to be number one. I don't think we ever think about how grateful we are for our children's schools, because they seem just as constant as life itself. Things really take a turn when the schools close unexpectedly, and their closure's should remind us forever of how valuable they are to our children and our overall way of life.

  • 2

    Dine-In Restauraunts

    Man, what I would give to eat at a restaurant with friends right now. That seems so insane to type, just the fact that we can't go into a restaurant right now and eat with friends and family. Something we all definitely take for granted.

  • 3

    Shreveport Mudbugs

    Even though we don't have the Shreveport Mudbugs year-round, it still stinks when our time with them gets cut short. Like all other sports leagues, the NAHL shut down their regular season early, and also cancelled their playoffs for this season. How amazing would it be to head out to a Mudbugs home game tonight?

  • 4

    Superior Margaritas

    It's possible that the one thing most needed in these strange times is a frozen margarita from one of our favorite restaurants. I feel like I could drink 20 of them right now.

  • 5

    Live Concerts

    It doesn't matter what type of music fan you are, chances are you've attended many of the amazing concerts that roll through Shreveport-Bossier on a weekly basis. I'm not a country music fan but I can tell you right now, when all of this is over, I'll be front row at the next CenturyLink concert in a cowboy hat, pearl snaps, and matching boots.

  • 6

    Our Co-Workers

    Believe it or not, I believe most of us have been taking our co-workers for granted. Well, at least some of them. It took time away from work for us to realize it, but I have no doubt that some of us are missing the ones we spend more time with than our own family.

  • 7

    Toilet Paper

    I think it's fair to say that all of none of us will ever be able to look at toilet paper the same after this mess is over with.

  • 8

    Normal Grocery Shopping

    It seems like a distant time ago when we could go out and not think twice about a casual trip to the grocery store. Hopefully we can get back to those times sooner rather than later.

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