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You might have seen the catchy name "Bucked Up" on a can in a gas station cooler recently. If you happened to grab the can and flipped it over to see the nutritional information, you probably got a shock.

While these Bucked Up energy drinks have zero calories or sugars, they pack a huge punch with caffeine and other energy supplements. They have 300mg of caffeine in each can, which is a large amount, even for an energy drink. But the daily value of other supplements is actually more stunning.

Each can of Bucked Up comes with 1,250% of your daily value of vitamin B6, and 8,330% of your daily value of vitamin B12. Those aren't made up numbers, you can check it here. These cans seriously have almost 10,000% of your daily recommended intake of B12.

But those are just the pre-made energy drinks you can score at a local gas station. The company really gets nuts when it comes to their other energy offerings...like their pre-workouts.

These are powder supplements that you have to mix on your own. They pack the same kind of punch as the energy drinks. In some cases, even more. Their caffeine content per scoop is actually higher than the pre-mixed energy drinks, and some of these powders include some wild additions.

For example, their BAMF mix, and others, includes 50mg of Deer Antler Velvet Powder.

Yes. Deer Antler Velvet Powder. Here's the nutritional information from the Woke AF powder on the Bucked Up website:

Credit: BuckedUp.com
Credit: BuckedUp.com

This is wild. If you want to his 10,000% of your daily intake of B12, Bucked Up is for you. Want to get 300mg of caffeine in a can, Bucked Up is your target. Need to get Deer Antler Velvet Extract into your system, BUCKED UP IS YOUR OPTION. Its also completely legal in Louisiana. So do what you need to with that information.

They're also unleashing mystery boxes according to their Twitter. Sign us up.

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