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To say that things got out of hand down in Bayou Pigeon would be to drastically understate the situation.  A domestic dispute in this tiny southern Louisiana town almost turned deadly in the most horrific way when a disgruntled dad turned his rage on his own family.

Officials with the Louisiana State Fire Marshall's Office arrested 36-year-old Danny Landry Jr. of Bayou Pigeon on Saturday after he allegedly tried to burn down a house with his wife and 2 teenage children inside.  The crime was reported to the Bayou Sorrel Fire Department and Iberville Parish Sheriff’s Office first, who conducted an initial investigation before getting the Marshall's Office involved.

According to the report from WAFB, an argument between Landry and his unnamed spouse escalated to the point where she made it clear he would have to find somewhere else to live.  While he did leave, that's just the beginning of this story.

Local witness from a nearby gas station reportedly went on record with the authorities saying they heard Landry loudly proclaiming his intent to "burn it down!" after the curt and disrespectful eviction.  His son would tell detectives that Danny would return to the house that he was just kicked out of to unleash his rage.

This is the house that his family was in at the time, mind you.  In case you're wondering if this gets worse - it totally does.  Landry allegedly started the fire on his son's mattress while he manically exclaimed:

"If I can't live here, nobody can!"

Talk about your father of the year material!

If you've lost all hope in humanity at this point, let me show a little silver lining in the form of Landry's continued stupidity and incompetence.  First of all - his son reportedly put out the fire with a nearby extinguisher with relative ease and no one was injured.  Secondly, this pyromaniac rocket-surgeon went back to the same convenience store where he previously ran his mouth about the crime he was about to commit to brag about "successfully" pulling it off.

Of course, there were people there to witness it all.  And finally, those same people also heard his endgame plan - which was to escape by boat to his family’s camp in Morgan City.  Since Landry was so forthcoming, it was pretty easy for the authorities to catch up with him.  He was busted a short time later at a nearby boat ramp, taken to the Iberville Parish jail, and charged with aggravated arson.  He reportedly confessed to investigators that he had set the fire.


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