Everyone's thinking it... I'm just saying it out loud.

Seriously, it's May in the South and we haven't seen the sun in two weeks. Last time I checked, I didn't live in Seattle or Chicago or any other city that experiences this doom and gloom on a regular basis. In fact, after stalking some Facebook friends who live in those areas over the weekend... It's all sunshine and rainbows for them.

Get it together weather. There's been a constant green, red, yellow cloud over our area for way too long. And here's why it sucks.

  • 1

    Rain Brings Out the Worst in People

    People are not meant to be kept indoors for so long. There are only so many shows you can watch, board games you can play or books you can read before you go insane! We need fresh air, sunshine, and plenty of space to run free. Otherwise we all turn into animals.

  • 2

    It's Flooding Everywhere

    I mean, why did I even buy a car? I could seriously get wherever I need to go much faster in a canoe. Have you been down Clyde Fant or Arthur Ray?? It's an ocean out there!

  • 3

    My Hair is One Giant Furball

    Don't even get me started here... Wet + Humid = Hot Mess. There is no way to style your hair in this weather. Even a bun frizzes out.

  • 4

    No Chance at a Pre-Summer Tan

    Watch out world! When this girl steps out on the pool scene this summer, you're gonna think I forgot to rub in my sunscreen. I need a tan! Every girl deserves a pre-tan before donning a swimsuit.

  • 5

    Ain't Nobody Got Time For This

    We've all got better things to do than to sit and watch the raindrops fall. It's summer vacation time!