We received eight entries for Man Crush Madness 2018! Each entry has been paired with another entry to go head-to-head in our competition. Check out the nominees below and vote for your favorite nominee.  The winner in each battle will advance to the next round. Round two will begin Friday, March 9th, 2018 at 11:00 AM.  You have until Thursday, March 8th at 11:59 PM to vote.  The person with the most votes (based on percentage) will advance to the next round.  Vote below; you can vote once each hour.

  • 1

    Craig Woods

    Hayley Hagon submitted Craig.  She gave the following reason for why Craig is her Man Crush.

    This man changed my life, I never believed in love before, never wanted kids, never wanted to get married.... When we met I was alone and intended to keep it that way. He made me believe it was all possible, his son, my step son is the most wonderful human being I ve ever met. I fell in love with this trifecta that we created and they made love easy and pure for me. When Craig met me I was broken and at my lowest and even thenhe saw my potential and loved me.... Our little family made me realize my own self worth and taught me self love in ways indescribable. They push me to be the best I can be every single day. He s my best friend, my coach, my cheer leader, my confidante, my greatest lover, and the best daddy I ve ever met ;) Oh yeahhh and after 5 beautiful years together we are getting married in 2 months :)

    Courtesy of Hayley Hagon
  • 2

    Noel Ortiz

    Mandi Ortiz submitted Noel. She gave the following reason for why Noel is her Man Crush.

    He is the most amazing father, husband, and best friend. He works over 80 hours a week to allow me and our 4 kids to have everything we need and so much more. He is the most kind, patient, ambitious, and sexiest man I know and the plus is that he's my WCW today, tomorrow, and forever.

    Photo Courtesy of Mandi Ortiz
  • 3

    Shawn Cate

    LaToya Richardson submitted Shawn. She gave the following reason for why Shawn is her Man Crush.

    My Man Crush is Shawn Cate. He has added so much to my happiness as a friend and boyfriend. My life is no cake walk with a divorce and two little girls to take care of. He has stepped in and become someone not only I can count on, but they can too. And any of his friends will say he’s the best when it comes to unconditional support and love.

    Photo Courtesy of LaToya Richardson
  • 4

    Joseph Duncan

    Krista Gandy submitted Joseph. She gave the following reason for why Joseph is her Man Crush.

    Joe is my man crush for many reasons ! First of all he is a shreveport fire fighter and loves serving his community ! He loves Jesus, his family and me ! He loves his community and his LSU!!! But mostly he’s my man crush because he gives great snuggles and smooches :)

    Photo Courtesy of Krista Gandy
  • 5

    Justin Avery

    Kassandra Avery submitted Justin. She gave the following reason for why Justin is her Man Crush.

    My husband is my man crush everyday not only because he is physically appealing but also because he is an awesome dad to our twins. While starting his own business and trying to manage everything at home he still makes time for our family. Plus he is just delicious to look at.

    Photo Courtesy of Kassandra Avery
  • 7

    Brain Elsner

    Whitley Jones submitted Brian. She gave the following reason for why Brian is her Man Crush.

    He's hilarious, talented, great with people, sweet, and HOT

    Photo Courtesy of Whitley Jones
  • 7

    Donnie Pawlowski

    Megan Lewis submitted Donnie. She gave the following reason for why Donnie is her Man Crush.

    Donnie is my man crush because he is incredible with my children. Loving them as his own. He does more then he is every asked to do. Always have our families best interest at heart. He is more then just a man crush to me he is my soul mate. He is such a wonderful gift given to us after such a tragedy of my children losing their father in a drunk driving accident. We are so blessed to have him. And wouldn't want anyone else in the world but him! Thank you for being a super awesome sweet and incredible man crush

    Photo Courtesy of Megan Lewis
  • 8

    Jonathan Phillips

    Gretchen Phillips submitted Jonathan. She gave the following reason for why Jonathan is her Man Crush.

    He is foot stomping fine! #FSF

    Photo Courtesy of Gretchen Phillips