I'm not saying this is a crack pipe... But I think it's a crack pipe.

Luckily for every one involved, this bus wasn't a school bus as that was my immediate thought when finding the video. This guy is a driver of a bus that transports senior citizens around town. By the looks of the video, there's no passenger with him at the time of the recording.

A guy pulls up next to him and looks over only to realize he is literally attempting to light something in a glass pipe right there while on the road!

He immediately pulls out his phone and starts recording. I can only imagine had he not recorded the video, no one would have ever believed him.

In the video, you clearly see the driver lighting something in his pipe, we just can't truly make out what it is.

Once the driver realized he was being filmed, he immediately sped away but could barely keep his bus in his lane,.

You have to see this!


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