COVID cases are back on the rise. What will you do if Louisiana shuts down again?

I can only speak for myself, but I would blow a gasket if Louisiana shuts down due to the new COVID-19 variant. I honestly don't think I could financially handle another shutdown if it's anything like 2020. Income loss was obviously the biggest impact for me during last year's long-lasting shutdown, but there are other issues at play for me. For one, it's just been nice lately to get back to borderline normal life. We were restricted for a long, long time. Now, just to be out and about freely has been downright refreshing. I'm not sure I'm ready to lose that freedom, and I think 99.9999% of people reading this will agree.

This new COVID-19 Delta variant is everywhere these days. It's all over your Facebook feed, and it comes up non-stop during our daily conversations. People are scared of the new variant, maybe not scared of Coronavirus itself, but the impact that another state-wide shutdown would have on their life.

Personally, I can't find a way to rationalize a shutdown of any kind. I disagreed with the longevity of the shutdown last year, but at least I could find a way to understand why we were going through it. I didn't like it, and thought it should have ended way earlier, but at the same time, I understood it.

However, if our state shuts us down again, I won't be understanding. I don't feel like I'm alone on this, as I feel most Louisianians would be right beside me. I don't think any of us will give up our freedoms again, not like we did last year. I think any mandates or restrictions would be met with extreme opposition, and I honestly cannot imagine any shutdown taking place for that very reason.

The variant is shown to be attacking those who are unvaccinated. The same way that car crashes injure those who don't wear seatbelts and lung cancer comes to those who smoke cigarettes. I will never tell anyone to get the vaccine as I feel that's completely up to them and none of my business. However, I would refuse to give up my rights because 65% of Louisianaians have refused to get vaccinated. Ain't gonna happen.

What will you do if Louisiana is shutdown again?


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