This year I am so excited about having trick or treaters. The past few places I have lived at were apartments, and no one trick or treats at apartments. Well at least not at the ones I lived. A few months ago I moved into the Highland neighborhood, and I am keeping my fingers crossed that I will actually get trick or treaters this year.

This week's featured app is to make life easier for those who are giving away candy and those who are hunting for candy. The app is called Trick or Treat Map. It is free to download.

I think the reason I like this app as much as I do is because you can show you're area if you are giving away candy and what kind of candy. In the app you can "light a pumpkin" on the map to show that you are giving away candy. You can label your home with a "teal pumpkin" if you are giving away healthy alternatives to candy or food allergy friendly. There are also labels for haunted houses.

If you are going trick or treating this is a cool way to map out our night! Click here to find more details.