Which Fourth of July activity are you most engaged in today?

Happy Fourth of July! Today is a day that we celebrate the birth of our nation. Our founding fathers believed in something greater for all of man kind... freedom. It wasn't easy, but the American Dream was fought for and won hundreds of years ago.

Today we celebrate in many different ways.

Many (definitely not me) will start the day with a hefty Firecracker 5K, while others will stake their claim of the pool chairs before the crowd comes pouring in to cool off. Lots of delicious food will be tossed on the grill before fireworks are launched into the night sky. It's an All-American celebration complete with red, white and blue decorations.

It would be hard to take all of this American goodness and focus in on one thing we like the best, but that's exactly what we're asking you to do. If you could only have one aspect of Fourth of July on this day, which would it be. And don't worry, freedom is always included. If you don't see your favorite in the poll, feel free to add it in the comments.

Take our poll below:

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