I understand that Halloween has always been on the 31st day of October, but enough is enough.  I think it is high time that we, the free and sane people of America, designate the last weekend in October as the the official night of Trick-or-Treating.  Having it during the week makes it more stressful for everyone, and we could just as easily have it on a weekend where everyone gets to enjoy it.

There's no good argument against moving it.  Halloween isn't a federally recognized holiday, so no one will be getting any days off.  Having kids out late, then hopped up on candy before going to bed on a school night is not an ideal plan.  I realize not letting my kids have any candy before bed is technically an option, but I'm not evil.  You can't let them dress up and walk themselves silly to get it, Just to deny them a small taste of the spoils.

I get that Halloween has ancient origins, but since we are no longer celebrating Samhain (a Celtic celebration marking the end of the harvest and the beginning of Winter) I think it's time to make it easier for everyone who is celebrating what the holiday has become.  If you are single, a Saturday night is perfect for a freaky costume party.  If you are a parent, a Saturday night is also perfect for your little ghouls and goblins because you can take a little extra time to get ready, maybe hit an event a local church, then take plenty of time going from house to house really milking the trick-or-treat experience.

I'm not alone either, almost 27,000 people have signed a Change.org petition asking the President of the United States to officially move Halloween to the last Saturday in October for all of the reasons above and more.  It would also keep kids safer by easing the congestion caused by cramming the night's festivities into 2 hours.  Kids won't be in such a rush, and will be able slow down and watch for cars.

There you go; For the convenience of parents, the safety of kids, and the appropriate night for partying - Halloween must be moved to the last Saturday of the October.

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