It's called MoviePass and it's basically like Netflix but for Movie Theaters and go figure the subscription site is owned by the Netflix co-founder Mitch Lowe. MoviePass is very simple for $9.95 a month and according to their website you can go see a movie once a day in any theater you want! The movies are limited to 2D movies only so no IMax or 3D movies but in my opinion it's still 100% worth it.

In recent years movie theaters have seen a huge drop in attendance all across the country so this will help them in a huge way. Plus theaters make their money not off ticket sales but off the snacks they sell so they won't be hurt at all from this new deal.

Many are wondering how MoviePass will ever make money with prices this low and honestly thats a great question. I can only guess they're hoping like most monthly subscriptions you'll go a lot at first but then forget about it over time and continue to pay... Like all my previous gym memberships.

Either way I'm signing up now!

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