I am sooo flippin' annoyed right now! I had a dinner with reps last night and made doubly, triply sure to set my DVR to make sure I recorded American Idol so I could watch it when I got home... And watch I did and that's why I'm so annoyed at AI for being ambiguous!!! I get it. I'm in the media. You want people to tune in. But couldn't they make the Top 40 clearer? They dropped 21 people before they hit the 'Green Mile' last night and all I really wanted to know was, where does Natalie Hanson stand. At least post a list of the Top 40 on your website! But they didn't tell us. Their website doesn't tell us and frankly, all the different blog sites tell a different story. I'm ticked. But you better know that I'll be watching tonight. My local Fox connection says he thinks Natalie is still in it... ie: she made the Top 40 and that we'll find out tonight if she makes the Top 24 which means we can start voting for our girl! But here's the deal. How is anyone going to know her if she makes it to the Top 24... I mean we can't even tell 100% if she made it to the Top 40... because they don't show her. Is it the Southern accent?!?!? Show me my girl dang it! I'm awful passionate about seeing a girl I don't even know but I'll tell you what, I'm still painfully Shreveport proud and I might just go eat at one of the restaurants I thinks she's worked at to get some scoop! (BTW, Logan's and Chili's;)) Someone please put this Huntington grad through and put me out of my misery!!! FYI, I did see her five seconds last night while she was crying but that doesn't mean anything. The only reality TV twistier is the Bachelor. I want to plan a parade!