Passenger reminds us that we only miss the sun when it snows and the light when it's burning low. Luckily, we don't have to let him go to know that we love him.

Passenger was originally the name of a folk rock band in England that dissolved in 2009. The main vocalist, Michael Rosenberg however, wasn't ready to hang up his guitar. Rosenberg went solo and carried the band's name with him on his solo career.

Ben A. Pruchnie/Stringer, Getty Images

Born May 17, 1984 in Brighton, England, Passenger was raised by an English mother and an American father. At a young age, he learned to play classical guitar and began writing songs in his early teens. Music quickly became Passenger's passion and his studies fell to the wayside.

Band and Solo Career

His first performance came when he was 16. A few years later, he founded the band, Passenger, with a buddy in 2003. The band only put out one album, with Rosenberg writing the majority of the songs. When he embarked on his solo career, his debut album Wide Eyes Blind Love was released within a year of the band breaking up. A tip of the hat to Passenger's writing abilities.

Thriving as a solo artist, he released two more albums before putting out All The Little Lights. To promote it, Passenger toured with Ed Sheeran, an old buddy of his. The album was released in the US in 2012 and with it Passenger's chart-topping single, "Let Her Go."

Personal Life

Music has always been, Passenger's true love. He broke up with his girlfriend when the band fell apart and threw himself completely into his music. It doesn't appear he is dating anyone at the moment... Hello, available! When not traveling, he continues to reside in his hometown of Brighton.